Company Statement

Our ships are operated around three principles:

> The Safety of our crew members,
> Respect of the environment, and
> The Quality of our services.

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Within these few words, around these three basic principles, our total policy is encompassed. It’s really that simple; our commitment for all three, is a result of a deep knowledge of shipping and the everyday challenges that we face as well as our positive approach to existing international regulations.

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We have been educated in academia, but it is mostly through experience, that we learned to navigate these feisty seas of our commercial environment, with patience and perseverance. Because the demands of our trade are multiple on all fronts, global in their general approach and very specific and sensitive in their local characteristics.

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We find that Safety, Respect, Quality, are three principles that allow us to survive and flourish.

Safety for all people that cooperate with us and attend our ships, be they crew or shoreside personnel.

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Respect for our environment with stubbornness, excluding from our employ those that face this issue with doubt.

Quality service guarantee, to all those that entrust their custom and their valuable commodities to us.

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This is not a philosophy; this is an investment; it is a simple code of ethics that we follow with diligence, so that we can ensure that our commercial associates of today, will be there to support us tomorrow.


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mv mamba at kalamata roads december 2011.jpg

Mamba – SOLD

VIBORA - Bosphorus Southbound Passage 19.06.2010.JPG

Vibora – SOLD

LIGHTSHIP 2,573.03 MTS...

medlink team 2014

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Medlink Management S.A. was founded in January 2005 and is a family size operator of small bulkers. Since it’s inception Medlink Management has strived to combine small size with quality service. By adopting a traditional approach towards ship management of second hand tonnage, a hands on day to day operation with a passion for transparency and careful choice of associates and commercial partners, the effort has led to the company being well established and well respected. MEDLINK MANAGEMENT S.A.