Medlink Management S.A. was founded in January 2005 and is a family size operator of bulkers, focusing on vessels from 7,000 deadweight capacity up to 18,000 deadweight capacity. Since its inception Medlink Management S.A. has strived to combine small size with quality service. By adopting a traditional approach towards ship management of second hand tonnage, a hands on day to day operation with a passion for transparency and careful choice of associates and commercial partners, the effort has led to the company being well established and well respected.


What have we achieved these past 8 years:

We have achieved a good reputation for quality and safety!
And how did we do this:

We did it by crossing the Atlantic, as if our ships are panamax size, sixty times over the past five year to this date. By rewarding hard working seafarers and office employees. By offering our trust to those who offer trust. By carrying cocoa, pencil pitch, sugar, grains, rice, urea, fertilizers, cashew nuts, logs petcoke, steel products, bauxite among other cargoes. By adjusting to the needs of each cargo and by complying with the demanding carriage, preservation, ventilation requirements in order to ensure no loss or damage to the cargo.

Ask all our satisfied Charterers for references: Candler Schiffahrt, Jarrit Shipping, Sucden, Olam, Indagro, Transammonia, Blue Marlin, Mekatrade, EDF man, Darya Shipping and many many more.

We have persuaded the market that we are here to deliver the goods, keep all our associates and clients satisfied. Our aim is “Day after day improvement” and continuous adjustment to the ever changing market conditions.

We are here to stay !  

For Medlink Management S.A.